Ove Glove Finger Oven Mitt
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Ove Glove Finger Oven Mitt

  • Woven with special heat resistant threaded fibre.
  • Protect you hands from extreme heat up to 540°F
  • Different than most oven mitts, each finger has a home
  • Flexi-grip stripes helps prevent your hot wears from falling
  • Omni-directional, great for left-hand or right-handed chefs/bakers
ove gloves pair
one over glove oven mitt
oven mitt ove glove


The Ove Glove is a unique oven mitt that allows you to fit each finger inside its own section giving you more mobility than a regular oven mitt. The special heat-resistant material that makes this possible is textile Kevlar.

Omni-directional gloves makes a great gift whether the recipient is right or left handed. The striped material on the surface of the glove is called Flexi-grip. Flexi-grip is a heat resistant and flexible material offering you grip so your hot baking or cooking ware doesn't fall down un-expectantly


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