Magnifying Glass Loupe 40x Zoom
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Magnifying Glass Loupe 40x Zoom

  • View small objects up to 40 times it's actual size
  • Light weight plastic body is great for travelling, on the job
  • Outside cover protects optics, swings for operation
  • Optical viewing lens are 25mm in diameter
  • Comes with clear/black plastic carrying case
  • Great for jeweler, geologist, artists, collectors, etc.
jewelry loupe magnifier
magnifying glass 40x loupe
magnifying 40x loupe


This Magnifying Glass Loupe 40x is made using quality optical glass that provides extra sharpness and clarity. The glass lens swings and stores behind the metal cover for safe storage or for carrying around in your pockets. The Magnifying Glass Loupe 40x uses special lenses to let your eyes focus on an small objects at a closer distance than is normally possible, making the object tiny details appear to be larger than we couldn't see with our normal vision.

Magnifier Loupes are used by jewelers to view the inscriptions or minuscule characteristics of diamonds and gem stones. This Magnifying Loupe 40x is used in a number of professions. Main industries include jewelry and watches, electronic engineering, coin collecting, tattoo artistry, photography, printing, dentistry, surgery, education and ophthalmology. Loupes are also used in academic menic professions such as life sciences, geology and biology.


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