Levitating World Glove Desk Toy
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Levitating World Glove Desk Toy

  • The ultimate desktop gadget, just plug and play
  • Realistic world gloves levitates in mid-air
  • Great science gift, uses electromagnetic technology
  • The globe slowly rotating simulating reality
  • Lights surrounding the world make for a spectacle in the dark
rotating world
levitating world desktop system
levitates rotating world globe


The levitating world globe is a fun gift that would fit any science lovers home. The highly detailed world globe literally hovers in mid-air while it rotates, simulator the actually Earth. While it's levitating you can slightly touch it and the world will wobble and return back to position - not too hard, it takes a few attempts to make to float again.

How does this revolutionary technology work? There is a magnet located at the top of the base and the globe will rotate when given a small push. The fun is setting it up for the first time but once you get used to it, it's a breeze.


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