Drinking Bird Thermodynamics
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Drinking Bird Thermodynamics

  • Famous drinking bird as seen on the Simpsons
  • Great science related gift, and it's just cool
  • Uses thermodynamics, evaporation and condensation
  • The duck swings back and forth pretending to drink water
  • Acts almost as if it is creating perpetual motion
drinking bird glass water
drinking bird top hat
motion drinking bird working


The famous drinking bird is a retro novelty toy that makes use for thermodynamic laws. A great gift for students, this device makes an excellent gadget to place on a desktop. Once set-up the drinking bird will swing back and forth dipping down into water again and again. Homer Simpson from the Simpsons used the drinking bird to press the "any key" while he left his work station; this wouldn't work in reality.

The drinking bird works by using colored methylene chloride fluid that boiled at a low temperature. All you need to do is hold the bottom round part where all the fluid is. As you hold it, it's begin heating up and boiling into the head of the bird. Once the head has a decent amount of fluid place it next to a glass of non-warm water. Fully immerse it's head into the water for 2-3 seconds and let the bird stand by the water so it can dip in.


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