Brass Compass & Sundial Handmade
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Brass Compass & Sundial Handmade

  • Multi-use magnetic north compass & operational sundial
  • Hand crafted with brass and solid build
  • Viewing glass protects the compass needle
  • Direction is lockable once heading is determined
  • Sundial with degree angle measurements folds in for safe storage
brass sundial opened position
compass picture
brass compass sundial


A compass is an instrument designed for determining orientation and direction when sailing, hiking or travelling. Magnetic compasses were first reported in Europe during the late 12th century. The compass needle is protected behind a viewing glass and has a magnetic tip that will point roughly at magnetic north pole.

A real, working Compass/Sundial was hand crafted with a solid brass body. A closer look at the surface and you'll notice tiny imperfections. The brass body was maticulously polished, making it a great show piece. Compass directions have 360 degree indicators for precise measuring and orienting.


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