Antique Skeleton Keys
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Antique Skeleton Keys

  • Set of 18 antique skeleton keys for old furniture and jewelry boxes
  • Used to open various locks found in antiques
  • Solid keys made with zinc metal alloy, no plastic here
  • Could help someone crack open a lock containing hidden treasure behind it
  • Great gift for an antique collector or abandoned storage unit buyer
skeleton keys antique set
close up skeleton keys
antique skeleton keys


Do you have a grandma with an attic full of old trinkets or an uncle that loves collecting antiques? This set of antique skeleton keys can be used to open various old-school locks found in antique furniture, ornaments or jewelry boxes to name a few. This is a solid set of keys made with zinc metal alloy that should last longer than the antique itself.

Skeleton keys may be the only way your family member or friend can safely access the treasure found behind an antique lock. The perfect gift for an antique collector or someone who buys abandoned storage units.


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